Defying logic….

By Jill Sweet

We have had several months now to wrap our brains around the fact that we are leaving behind our life in Michigan and moving around the world to minister to the people of Bulgaria. The thought of it no longer quickens my breath or causes my palms to sweat, as it once did.  Since my personality leans toward the Type A side of the spectrum, I totally understand all the “logical” questions we have been asked as the word gets out about what God is doing in our lives.  Questions about leaving our jobs, health care, language and culture are certainly valid considerations.  I want to provide reassurance to the concerned parties, but my answer continues to be the same, “God.”  God will provide for us financially.  God will provide the health care we need when we need it.  God will give our aging brains the capacity to learn a new language so that we can communicate His truth to the Bulgarians.  And God will give us wisdom and grace to adapt to a new culture.

God has never called me to a greater leap of faith in my life. For us, though, the decision to obey Him was an easy one.  We did not spend hours making lists of pros and cons.  We didn’t even pray and fast for days.  We simply knew that following Him in obedience to do something really hard was still better than living a comfortable life without Him.  I could not fathom facing Him one day and explaining that fear, or logic, kept me from taking this step of faith.

I believe that He invites Christ-followers to take leaps of faith every day in different ways. Maybe it is sharing your faith with a co-worker; maybe it is truly trusting Him with your finances or surrendering some other part of your life to Him.  This I can assure you: it will not be safe, comfortable or logical.  But the peace of being in His will far outweighs the alternative.

For the first year, David and I had spent most of our marriage asking God to bless what we were pursuing – our plan for our future. They weren’t ungodly desires, but step after step, His answer continued to be “no.” Wisely, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, David finally got it.  The unanswered prayers were not meant to hurt us, they were meant to show us that He has something better.  At that moment, without vision for the future, we choose to surrender the safe plan we had for our lives and pursue Him.  Less than a week later – the call; simply, “you are going to Bulgaria.”  Truthfully, short of our job description, we have no idea what is in store for us in Bulgaria.  But we know Who will be there with us.  And that is enough to make us defy logic and go.

We covet your prayers during our preparations for Bulgaria. If God is inviting you to participate in the work of Team Bulgaria, please follow this link to join our support team:



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