Love Bulgaria Youth Conference

Jill and I had the opportunity to visit Petrich, Bulgaria this last July for two and half weeks. For the first week we drove up into the mountains to help with Love Bulgaria Youth Conference. As the kids arrived, there was a buzz or a feeling about the place. We started to talk with some of the kids –  some were more difficult to speak to because of the language barrier; yet most could speak broken English. After everyone got settled in and ate dinner it was time for the first prayer and praise session. Half way through this session I began to see all these young Roma kids that have next to nothing in material possessions with their hands raised and singing praise to our Father.  It was an experience I will never forget.  In that first week in Bulgaria, I became friends with many Roma kids.  Hearing the sounds of their laughter, their singing and even their cries for the Father’s love moved me. These two and half weeks left me confident in God’s calling to Bulgaria. When we headed back to the United States,  it felt like Jill and I left a piece of our hearts in Bulgaria and we yearn to return.  

We plan to leave in May 2017 for Bulgaria.  If you want to participate with the vital ministry we will be doing there, you can give at


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