Flexible and full of gratitude

By Jill Sweet

When David and I were dating, one of his qualities that I loved the most was his spontaneous adventurous spirit. My comfort zone is opposed to this mindset. Order, planning, and regimen gave me security.   I found that unplanned usually meant fun, excitement and discovery.

The theme has been change during our two and a half years of marriage. We’ve adjusted to changing school schedules each semester, my adjustment to working from home, a shift change for David, and a new dog, all while figuring out how to be married and live together. God has challenged me over and over again to let up my grip on the false security of constant and order.

I am by nature a person of detail. Give me paperwork to complete, numbers to crunch, or research to do and I am on it. David, however, gets bored and would rather be hiking in the woods. The amazing thing about this God-ordained partnership is that together we face life with a more balanced approach. His spontaneity is usually the force behind quick decisions while I will spend time considering how things will be implemented. Like most marriages, the differences are the source of joy and frustration for both of us.

When God called us to Bulgaria, David would have gone that day if he could. I have needed the time since August 2015 to think, dream, and yes, plan and prepare. The journey has been full of unexpected blessings and detours. In the beginning, we didn’t consider that God would ask us to re-home our beloved pets. We could not have imagined the incredible support and encouragement we have received. Learning from each other has helped us stay on God’s path as we navigate unchartered territory in our lives. We take the detours with more grace than we did earlier. And that’s good, because they come often. Like this week. We were on track, about 50 days from our planned departure. Then came the news that the visa process had changed and our departure has been pushed back to mid-July. As we processed the news and adjusted our plans for the next three months, we are reminded of God’s sovereignty over our lives. Listening for His voice and responding in obedience and with faith have given us the ability to live expectantly for His next step to be revealed.

Three months will pass quickly. We are still in need of partners – prayer and financial – as we get closer to our goal. We are in the process of working out all the details around our departure date being extended. We appreciate your prayers as we seek wisdom. We have found a wonderful home for our dog in Quebec, but we are still looking for a home for our 2 elderly cats.

If you would like to partner with us in the work God has called us to in Bulgaria, you can give here https://give.fmcusa.org/donation/df-vibgsweet.

May the Lord guide you and bless you in the coming week.


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